World Circle Dance meets monthly from August 2021 in Horsley Village Hall on these Sundays.

The dates for your diary are:



August 8th

September 5th

October 10th

November 7th

December 5th



***** New Year *****

May we be blessed with joy, togetherness and friendship in dancing in the year ahead - 2022 ! 


We are dancing in Horsley Village Hall on these Sundays in 2022.

The dates for your diary are:


January 9th

February 6th

March 6th

April 3rd

May 1st

June 19th

August 7th

September 4th

October 2nd

November 13th

December 11th


These events will be from 1:00pm until 4:00pm.


And bring a cup, for the break.(nice cup of tea offered!)


When we dance in Horsley Village Hall,  I've been asked to remind dancers to wear soft shoes (no high heels please!)





Horsley Village Hall, Priory Fields, Horsley, nr Nailsworth, Stroud,

GLOS. GL6 0PT (see map below)





You can book and pay for several dates at a time.

Post-COVID, this is no longer a drop-in class.





I am taking a cautious approach, which some dancers have already confirmed they appreciate. Organising dance events I do feel responsibilities, so......


1.  All dancers must be fully vaccinated. Please confirm you are fully vaccinated before you book your first session.


2. We are dancing entirely unjoined, unless you're with a partner/co-habitee/bubble-friend.  But many dances are always unjoined anyway !


3. We will be a max. of 14 dancers, all booked in advance.  I'm not putting up posters everywhere for encouraging beginners.


4. If you want to wear a mask, that's completely fine.


5. We'll be dancing with windows and doors open ! That means remember to wear warm layers in cool weather.


I hope to relax these measures eventually................But when ????






1. Before your first session, contact me by email to confirm you're fully vaccinated. For subsequent sessions this is not necessary.


2. Dancers who've confirmed they're fully vaccinated can then make bookings. From January 2022 I am offering an on-line booking system. I will send you access details to the on-line booking system.


3. Please do give the on-line booking system a try!, but if anyone is absolutely unable to master the on-line booking system, there may be an alternative.


4. We may have a waiting list: if you have to cancel before the day, do let me know as someone else may be able to come in your place. Cancelling on the actual day will be too late for me to arrange someone else to take your place.


5. On the day please don't just show up without booking as you will have jumped the waiting list.




For further details contact Hazel at hazel@hazelyoung.co.uk


Horsley World Circle Dance Group started in 2007.